This Online program is designed to educate and empower you to:

  • gain a deep understanding about the biomechanics of orgasm, and deepen sensual, and sexual body awareness


  • to release sexual shame, guilt, and judgement regarding sex

  • to feel acceptance, love, and joy being in your body, with or without a partner


  • awaken pathways of heightened pleasure, creativity, and abundance


  • experience Tantric breath work as a path to healing and transformation


  • discover how to raise your vibration through harnessing your sexual energy


  • learn how to be embodied, connected and learn to stay present and flow uncomfortable feelings that may arise due to past sexual traumatic experiences

  • learn how to locate and massage your sacred spot (G-spot), which can assist you to process trapped emotions in the body, and facilitate orgasm and female ejaculation


  • embrace your sexual wholeness and authentic power 


  • bring back the “honeymoon” experience with your partner


  • break through and heal patriarchal patterns that affect your sexuality


  • reclaim your birthright of sacred sexual pleasure


  • ignite your wild woman and animal nature, that affects your ability to fully express your feminine radiance




Happy Clients Say:  

Yoni Healing & Sexual Empowerment


This self-paced course will give you the tools to cultivate your female sensual energy, connect to your sexual body, and intuitive connection.

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