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What Is Shame, Self-Judgement & Guilt Costing You?

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Our Yonis matter. The word Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means “sacred space” and refers to the female genitalia. Too often we don’t make the time to nurture or listen to our intuitive wisdom. Many of us have experienced sexual trauma, chronic tension, feel blocked, and repressed in our sexual parts. When we are disconnected from our heart's desires we suffer. This is usually because we are living from our rational mind, instead of from our intuitive feelings. ​​


This introductory online journey, Yoni Power & Orgasmic Abundance, is designed to cultivate female sexual energy and intuitive body connection. You will learn paths to connect to Spirit, profound healing, and pleasure through connecting your heart, soul, and expanding our creative-sexual energy. It’s perfect for women, couples, and even men who’d like to learn how to be a more sensual and pleasing lover.

We reclaim our birthright to our authentic power, deep love, and acceptance of ourselves by listening weekly to these embodiment lessons, created by Michelle Alva, that unite ancient wisdom with modern science, mindset/NLP/Hypnotic Guided Meditations. You get to become a member of the Yoni Power & Orgasmic Abundance Private Community and receive a monthly group live call with Michelle, to get support on your process of Self-Discovery and Nurturing Your Yoni-verse.


This Online program is designed to educate and empower you to:

  • gain a deep understanding about the biomechanics of orgasm, and deepen sensual, and sexual body awareness


  • to release sexual shame, guilt, and judgement regarding sex

  • to feel acceptance, love, and joy being in your body, with or without a partner


  • awaken pathways of heightened pleasure, creativity, and abundance


  • experience Tantric breath work as a path to healing and transformation


  • discover how to raise your vibration through harnessing your sexual energy


  • learn how to be embodied, connected and learn to stay present and flow uncomfortable feelings that may arise due to past sexual traumatic experiences

  • learn how to locate and massage your sacred spot (G-spot), which can assist you to process trapped emotions in the body, and facilitate orgasm and female ejaculation


  • embrace your sexual wholeness and authentic power 


  • bring back the “honeymoon” experience with your partner


  • break through and heal patriarchal patterns that affect your sexuality


  • reclaim your birthright of sacred sexual pleasure


  • ignite your wild woman and animal nature, that affects your ability to fully express your feminine radiance




  • Lesson 1: Awaken Your Sensuality and Embody Full Presence

  • Lesson 2: How Process Emotions Stuck In The Body

  • Lesson 3: Massage To Release Your Root


  • Lesson 4: How To Experience Deeper Intimacy and Practice Being Comfortably Vulnerable with Womb Breathing


  • Lesson 5: Discover Your Sexual Body Anatomy: Clitoris, G-Spot and More!


  • Lesson 6: Explore Your Pelvic Floor Muscles: The 3 Layers

  • Lesson 7: How To Release Chronic Pelvic Pain


  • Lesson 8: Sacred Sensual Self-Pleasure Guided Practice


  • Lesson 9: How To Expand Your Sexual Energy and Align with Your Soul.

  • Lesson 10: Yoni Massage: Step By Step, Guided Practice

  • Lesson 11: How To Release Tight and Constricted Vagina Muscles 

  • Lesson 12: Pelvic Power Activation: How To Strengthen Weak Vagina Muscles 

  • Lesson 13: Guided Release of Jaw, Pelvic Floor, and Hips-Vagus Nerve Activation 

  • Lesson 14:  Guided Yoni Yoga Asana Practice

  • Lesson 15:  Tantric Sex Magic: How To Harness Your Sexual Energy To Manifest Abundance!

  • BONUS:  Epic Dream Life Activation 

  • BONUS: Join the Yoni Power and Orgasmic Abundance Online Private Discussion Group.

    Want to connect with other like-hearted women going through this journey? Join the private discussion group after you register to share, connect and have open discussions in a sacred and safe container.(Value: Priceless) 



Happy Clients Say:  

This program has been very powerful in truly activating my mind, body and spirit. It reunited my heart, yoni connection, a sexual trauma response disconnect that I had been feeling for so long. It brought me into the safety, surrender, beauty and ease of my feminine energy, activating the divinity and harmony that can exist between our natural masculine and feminine energies. As I did the meditations and began truly loving and respecting all of me, what I was creating and attracting began to dramatically shift. I no longer felt myself chasing, playing small, accepting less than I deserve or changing myself for acceptance because I now know that I am whole and complete, my love and joy radiating from within. I have been able to make peace with and have gratitude for all the pieces of my past that were perfectly so to make me uniquely me. My approach to sex is no longer that of lack and seeking to fulfill a part of me that was empty, but of fulfillment and the powerful expansion of my energy. The beautiful part about opening your heart along with your sexual energy is that it reflects into every area of your life contributing to how you relate to and treat others, your daily joy and  gratitude, and  how you create abundance by simply being the natural love and light that resonates within. I would recommend this yoni healing and empowerment program to any woman that feels a disconnect within their mind, body, spirit that wants to come home to themselves and set their sexual energy on fire, that wants to heal trauma from their past, that wants to live the whole hearted, abundant, and powerful life we are all created to!" Ashley Adams


“The Sensual Self-Pleasure Meditation allowed me to relax and get in touch with my body more fully. I normally explore my body on my own but not as often as I want to. The deep breathing and opening of the heart added another component to the exercise which allowed me to give in more and let go. The entire experience was stimulating, allowed me to be vulnerable, and uninhibited. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will definitely use the meditation often.” - F. D.

“Inside my body is where I used to hide. Deep within the cells of my body. Feeling the energy of life releasing so many years of holding. Feeling what I could not feel before. The Yoni audio took my husband and I to another level of passion. Following Michelle Alva’s precise steps in the Yoni Massage Audio, made it a reality of being able to lay back and receive what is possible. So highly recommend this audio for couples starting off or those who have been together for years. Get ready to spark the fire within!!” ~M. D.

Yoni Healing & Sexual Empowerment


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