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Intro to Tantra for Couples

Video Series 



Intro to Tantra for Couples

Video Series

This video series is designed to teach you and your partner, fun and playful, intimate, and relaxing ways to enhance communication through body language and felt sensation. Couples are guided to explore sensual touch, massage, and breathing practices to bring both fully into the present moment. Strengthen your ability to feel safe, stay open, emotionally available, and vulnerable. This video series is beneficial for couples, and also beneficial for singles who wish to be in an intimate relationship. Simply watching these videos evokes a sense of deeper intimacy and connection within, as they are created with a sacred union intention and deep heart and soul connection. All exercises are also science-based, and activate each individuals' love and bonding hormone (oxytocin). Thank you for giving yourself and your partner this life-changing gift! Enjoy the adventure!



  • 1. Intro Video-Welcome:

    In this video, Michelle gives you a warm welcome on what to expect in this epic video series which will leave you and your partner feeling more connected, empowered, peaceful and calm with hearts open and ready to receive ecstatic sensual bliss.


  • 2. Tantric Eye Gazing and Beyond:

    This video introduces a Centering Tantric Breath For Couples to deepen connection within your body first, which prepares each partner to enjoy the gifts of Tantra and Couples Connection from a place of feeling fulfilled and complete. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and create a deeper bridge of connection by practicing staying present. This video also takes you on a journey of deepening connection via “heart breathing” and expanding the energy of love via heart hugs.

  • 3. Intro To Sensual Touch For Couples:

    Too often couples only touch each other to have sex. Cultivating the practice of sensual touch evokes the feeling of trust, and a heightened sense of pleasure and connection for couples. Practice deepening your ability to feel safe, supported and to receive love and nurturing from your partner via this introduction to conscious sensuality and touch communication. 

  • 4. Sensual Touch and Back Massage For Couples:

    Lay your partner face down for this exercise. This video teaches you how to touch your partner sensually and massage the back of their body. Michelle guides you to awaken to the present moment and feel pleasure in your body by exploring light touch. Deepen connection by laying on your partner to close the experience with a gentle containment hold.

  • 5. Intro To Sexual Touch For Couples:

    In this video, learn how to deepen the connection to your heart, and expand your sexual energy with your partner. Allow the feeling of arousal and desire to guide your sexual energy flow, as well as guided movements that align body, heart, and breath, this is the Tantric way. Notice how much fun you have when you are curious, in a state of wonder, and open to all the sensations that arise in one another!

  • 6. Sacred Release and Surrender For Couples:

    Would you like to feel safe, supported and easily be able to lean back on your partner? Strengthen your ability to receive and allow love to flow through your body with your partner in this video. Sacred Surrender Exercise strengthens trust and builds compassion from within.

    Would you like to be able to surrender to a more emotionally available and vulnerable you? This exercise is life-changing for couples and increases intimacy and connection. It is also a great exercise to release shoulder, neck and low back tension... remember, Michelle has a degree in Physical Therapy! These exercises are sound and safe, and will keep your spine healthy for a lifetime of love!

  • 7. Transitioning Out Of Sacred Release and Surrender:

    After Sacred Release and Surrender Exercise, make sure to take your time and transition slowly to sitting upright, and allowing your partner to lean back while you both are in an erect posture. This practice of surrendering and allowing, is actually very beneficial for couples. Make sure to rest after this exercise as it sometimes evokes emotions or causes us to feel deeply relaxed which is a great way to transition to sleep time at night together.

  • 8. Root Massage:

    Do you sit for 6-10 hours per day? Does your partner hold any tension in their low back or hips? This massage allows us to open up our physical body, release deep emotions, and also expand our sexual, creative energy too! Enjoy the deeper pleasure of opening up these deep hip muscles and surrendering with ourselves and our partner via root massage. Take this exercise slowly, transition with calm and lots of patience, as some men are rather tight in their hips... be curious to playfully explore how close or far from the pelvic floor your partner feels comfortable. 

  • BONUS AUDIO:  Yoni Massage

    Special Bonus Audio!! Listen to this while sitting in between your Goddess’ legs while she lays on her back. This is a guided audio meditation which was recorded live. Use coconut oil or almond oil for this massage. Ladies, become the witness of the sensations, and breathe and expand as you feel more and more stimulated. Keep breathing up towards the heart as this is how we get to expand our sexual, creative energy! Have fun! And let me know how these videos benefit you!

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Happy Couples Say:  

“Tantra with Michelle changed my life. I thought I was open sexually, but she took me to another level. Now I enjoy my sexuality much more, and especially I am able to communicate better with my partner, in and out of bed. Intimacy with my partner is so easy now, that for the first time in my life I feel I don’t have to try so hard.”-A.

“I am completely amazed at how one session with Michelle of just a couple of hours has completely changed my life and my relationship with my beloved. I am more in tune with my inner child and her needs and my fiancé is along for the ride. Michelle guided him on how to worship me and my inner child. I was also taught ways to discover new heights of pleasure I had never experienced. I am eager for my next session.” -Jen A

“My boyfriend & I had two beautiful sessions with Michelle. Her insight & honesty really allowed me to let my guard down and be vulnerably honest as well in the session which allowed for a breakthrough that I could’ve never imagined. It was pleasurable beyond our imagination , bonding beyond what we thought was possible and valuable to the supporting of our relationship beyond measure “-E.

“We wanted to thank you for a great, uplifting experience. The couples session we had before corona took over the world , opened our hearts , helped us as a couple to connect on a deeper level . The session made us want to know more , and we got it on your zoom class . It was amazing being at the comfort of our home in our bed , getting to hear and see you as if you were in the room with us . You are professional and knowledgeable. We enjoyed the zoom class , it gave us tools and it was a powerful experience to know that others learn with us . It was very sexy and we felt "turned on" at the same time . Our relationship and sex are on a higher level since then . Thank you Michelle!" G.

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